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WeightLossMasterZone offers you a comprehensive resource base for all your weight management and fitness needs. This includes facts and reviews on top legal steroids, bodybuilding supplements, best fat cutters and thermogenics, dieters tea, diet pills as well as guides on how to lose weight naturally. We also provide fitness techniques, simple nutrition guides, healthy diet plans, weight loss tips and health tools. This fitness lady and man blog has you covered!

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kitchen - healthy cooking
Wait a minute, before you proceed... do you ever wonder where Health Care Reform actually starts? Well, this may come as a surprise to many of us, but...

"True Health Care Reform starts in your kitchen, not in Washington." ~ Anonymous

Say what?, that just ain't possible, I hear you cry. Don't you worry, it is quite understandable but that's actually the naked truth a large majority of us fail to realize. Okay, a bit of clarification is needed at this point so let's break it down now. Take a hard look at these crucial "business entities":

  • Pre-Obese, alias Overweight
  • Obesity Class I
  • Obesity Class II
  • Obesity Class III

Guess what? They jointly operate a Registered Domestic Bus Service, with an exceptional affinity for the Kitchen-Diner Route, picking up and dropping off vulnerable passengers who dare cross their path.

Let's keep it real... we all know that using this designated bus route is inevitable for the typical household, however, we do have the willpower to decline the service they offer. Truth be told, the initial step needed to put Obesity and its "Cohorts" out of business is to grab some healthy food recipes. With a fair amount of culinary skills, which I bet we all have, working some magic in your kitchen is a piece of cake (no pun intended).

Oh... just in case their uncontrollable bus driver, Mr. Cravings, rears his ugly head again, stand tall, look him in the face, kick him to the kerb and leave him walking on the sidewalk. Sorry for the interruption but they've gotten away with luring the masses for decades, if not centuries, I had to get this off my chest... please carry on exploring what we have in store for you.



Our featured products fall under various categories based on their inherent properties, though there may be some overlap between them. Each category is described in detail, an item chosen to shed more light on its functions and suitability for individuals who have weight loss needs or physique-building goals.



This fitness lady and man blog offers a variety of diet pills, the active ingredients of which are mainly natural and are said to be clinically proven to have the specific properties and functions detailed in each post.

These products have been formulated to address the three arch-enemies of weight loss, namely, sluggish metabolism, monstrous cravings and new fat formation. They are designed to be combined with healthy diet plans and regular exercise tailored to your needs, enabling you to achieve optimum results.



We endeavour to always seek top brands with high expert and consumer ratings. This ensures customer satisfaction, while meeting your set goals and reaping long-terms benefits.



We have available, different products which offer customers money back guarantee. The validity, terms and conditions vary across products. These details can be obtained from the official sites of the products in question.



Based on all the comprehensive facts obtained regarding the products we offer, they are among the choicest one could find on the market today.

The criteria, which include product effectiveness, value, re-order rate and customer service are always part of and key in the selection process. This fitness lady and man blog has got you covered, just go for it!



Hitting your target weight or meeting your physique-building goals may seem daunting from the onset, however, you can rest assured that your fitness journey will be a very safe and successful one with long-term results.

With the right mindset, you can do it! Research, grab a product and check out the health & fitness guides and tools section below. Just make it happen and come join the numerous individuals tell their success stories... and we mean people from all walks of life who are living proof of what can be achieved with our products. Top quality products, weight loss programs with healthy diet plans couldn't be offered in a better way than this!


Health Tools And Guides


Rating diet pills and products require certain key criteria. How about this handy catchy chart designed to help you make an informed choice?


Explore our various physical activities, develop an ideal exercise regimen, and grab that well-deserved long-craved physique!


Nutrition guides serve as excellent tools which help you make healthy food choices from the different food groups, with clear indications of suggested intake.


Top 10 Weight Loss Tips At Your Fingertips. Arm yourself with some clear-cut exercise and health tips…with the right mindset, you’re off to a good start. Take a peek now, and learn how to lose weight fast.


Are you a healthy weight for your height? Calculate your body mass index (BMI) and ideal weight now. Be in tip-top shape… your fitness journey starts right here!

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  • Testo-Max
  • Winidrol


  • PureAcai | Acai Patch | Calxpel
  • Braz. Fat Burner | Carb Blocker
  • African Mango | Slim Bomb
  • Raspberry Ketone Plus | CLA
  • EvoTea Teatox | Mangosteen
  • Resveratrol | Pure Acai Powder
  • Glucosamine Complex | Krill Oil
  • Acai Berry Detox Combo
  • HydroSlim | BreathSlim | 5HTP
  • Detox Plus | Pomegranate
  • Hiprolean X-S | Slim Kick Chilli
  • Grn. Tea Capsules | Forskolin
  • Grn. Coffee Bean | Caralluma F.
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  • Nuratrim | LAB360 AM/PM
  • African Mango | Detox PURE
  • 7 DAY DIET SHAKE | Meratol
  • Quattro 90 Plus Protein
  • Nitro Oxide Extreme | CLA
  • Tribulus | P. Acai Berry Max
  • Body Fuel HMB | Proactol XS
  • L-Glutamine Powder
  • Creatine Powder | Capsiplex
  • High Grade Whey Protein 80
  • Lean Physique | Primeburn
  • Max Performance Fuel
  • ECDYSTERONE...and more


  • A-Max 50 | Ana-GH
  • Clen XDV | Dbol-GH
  • Cut And Ripped
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Fitness Testimonials : Success Stories

phen375 testimonial - morgan
I have been completely astonished at how well Phen375 has worked! I have tried many other diet pills, but none have controlled my appetite like this one. I have successfully lost 21 pounds so far! I still have another 5 to lose, but by using this product, I know that it is possible… more info | buy now

Morgan ─ USA

crazybulk testimonial john m
Got ripped in 8 weeks with CrazyBulk Cutting Stack – more info | buy now

John Miller ─ Goal : Lean Muscle - Muscle Definition

capsiplex testimonial - jane
…discovered Capsiplex and then after taking it for 12 weeks i had lost just over 59 lbs!

more info | buy now

Jane ─ Thank you so much Capsiplex!

pure acai berry testimonial
I tried Pure Acai Berry purely because of your own literature and testimonials. I was 14 stone when I got my first batch. I now, after attending the gym at least 3 times a week & taking Pure Acai Berry am just over 12 stone! My skin is much better and I have a healthier mind… more info | buy now

Andrew ─ USA

proactol-xs testimonial - darren
Since starting using the Proactol XS, I feel much better. Lost 48lbs and 5 sizes 

more info | buy now

Darren ─ UK

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Health And Fitness Inspirational Quotes

The physique-building or weight loss journey comes with twists and turns which some may find quite daunting, throwing in the towel along the way. As you embark on your fitness journey, you may want to take a moment to ponder over some tidbits that will spur you on. Be inspired!

[1] Lose Weight Naturally - The Diet Plan Game

healthy snack - counting caloriesTo be trotted out in a skin-tight sausage-casing of a dress by your partner, comes with a grueling task when you tip the scales at a generous amount.

In Zelda's case, her estranged husband groused about her weight gain and she relentlessly strove not to implode from his ridicule.

Now get ready for this! This is someone who, prior to their marriage, passed himself as "Prince Charming of the Highest Order" only for her to realize he was actually "Freddie The Freak Without Qualms". Granted, everyone sends in their representative when you first meet people... and its all peaches and cream until fatigue sets in, kicking and exposing your decoy along with it, but Freddie's transformation was a shade too drastic. I mean from what I gather, charades are supposed to go undetected as they tend to linger on more smoothly... according to experts in that department.

To make matters worse, she had to keep an eagle eye on his games and kept him on a short leash after he was caught ogling their smokin' hot, modelesque, bikini-clad neighbor last summer. Could this develop into a full-blown affair?, she panicked. The words, "you can't change a man unless he is in a diaper", kept echoing in her ears, leaving her paralyzed with anxiety. Now for the record, Zelda is a well-known serial monogamist, quite proactive by nature and wouldn't wait for things to go downhill and later say "shoulda coulda woulda"... I mean, when is she gonna? Plus she had just one nerve left and he was leaning on it.

Well, just before push was about to come to shove, she carved out time and effort to play the Dieting game. Now check out who has the last laugh?

"Dieting is the only game where you win when you lose." ~ Karl Lagerfeld

She used to hate clothes that did not cooperate, but has embraced them all and now has an extensive wardrobe worth flaunting. You'll be amazed to learn that "Freddie The Freak", to this day, walks around the house with his tail between his legs, gawking at her 24/7... the epitome of shame, what a sight to behold!

We've got to give her props on this one as she could have been reduced to an emotional rubble, had she not taken action. Does Zelda's story resonate with you in any way, shape or form?... do you want to live a healthier lifestyle for your own well-being? Give this game a shot, it works like a charm! - Highly recommended ! : Watch a brief video on The 15 Day Diet Plan on our Testimonials page.

[2] Move Beyond Your Comfort Zone

baby - comfort zoneMany of us are guilty of staying within our comfort zones. Why is that? Okay, to some people it appears to be a safe haven, while others have a debilitating fear of the unknown and wouldn't dare make a change. Well the good news is that...

"All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the the end..." ~ Robin Sharma

Get this, FEAR translates as:

  • F - FALSE
  • R - REAL

Quite frankly, the walls we build through FEAR to protect ourselves, eventually become the very prisons that enslave us. Don't be crippled by FEAR any longer, its real meaning has been exposed. The time has come to serve your Comfort Zone a notice that it no longer has a hold on you. Now, just move beyond your comfort zone in comfort!

[3] Overeating

burger - fatty foodsOvereating may be self-gratifying right there at the dinner table, but be that as it may, it does come with some consequences later on down the line.

Some of us may find a Quadruple Bypass Burger with "unadulterated" bacon slices downright irresistible. Others may opt for all-you-can-eat dinners with a massive grill that laughs in the face of cholesterol, a maniacal laugh for that matter.

Now the bill for your order has been paid alright but what some eateries may have failed to alert you to were the hidden charges, and who reads the fine print anyway? After all is said and done, a ticket called 'Diet' will be waiting for you outside their doors while they scramble to serve both regulars and new customers alike, these exact menu items.

"A diet is the penalty we pay for exceeding the feed limit." ~ Unknown

Is this scenario analogous to that of firemen who set their own fire only to call them in? We certainly do not want that!

[4] Cardiovascular Health Risks

medical lab - health risksNeedless to say, but cardiovascular diseases seek to rob mankind of the quality of life mother nature presents us with. High blood pressure, stroke, coronary heart disease, you name them... ripping through and causing havoc. Living a healthy lifestyle is the way to go, in our quest to prevent such ailments.

"Sickness is the vengeance of nature for the violation of her laws." ~ Charles Simmons

"Sickness comes on horseback but departs on foot." ~ Dutch Proverb

Our take on this is that we do not entirely have control over everything that happens to our "residence", but we certainly do have control over what enters it. Your precious body is your soul's sole residence, failure to take great care of your intricate self comes at a great cost to the resident...prevention is better than cure.


Paths To Quick Weight Loss And Muscle Growth

'Great inspirational quotes you have, but the big question still remains: How do I lose weight fast?', I hear you cry once again. Well, no worries... let's walk you through some major steps on how to lose weight in a healthy way and start your weight loss program and fitness journey, well-equipped with a diet plan tailored to your needs.

Overweight And Obesity : Causes

Now, while the balance of calorie intake and calories burned during daily activities still determine your weight in the end, there are a number of factors which may contribute to obesity and being overweight. These include:

  • genetic constitution
  • lifestyle and culture
  • physical inactivity
  • emotional or psychological factors
  • high fat and high calorie diet
  • eating habits and behavioral patterns
  •  stress
  • gender
  • age
  • medical problems and eating disorders
  • some medications

Identifying yourself in these respects, knowing your metabolism, and learning about how diet pills and nutrition supplements function in the body are key to achieving great results when it comes to weight management.

What Are Your Fitness Goals?

Fitness goals are normally specific to the individual, as they vary from person to person. Identify whether you are on the hunt for a product that can:

  • promote rapid muscle growth
  • cause rapid weight loss
  • help you lose belly fat quickly
  • control your monstrous cravings
  • help boost metabolism
  • help boost energy
  • help cleanse and detoxify your body

The above goals are typical of what many strive to achieve as they embark on a fitness journey and there are, indeed, solutions out there worth searching for.

Types Of Diet Pills & Bodybuilding Supplements

There are different types of weight management solutions available today which are marketed under various categories, namely:

  • best fat burner for women ♦ diet pills for women ♦ best diet pills for men ♦ skinny pill ♦ fat binders
  • appetite suppressants / suppressors ♦ carb blockers
  • metabolism boosters ♦ antioxidants ♦ cleansing and detox supplements
  • organic weight loss supplements ♦ herbal extract weight loss supplements
  • weight loss pills for diabetics ♦ weight loss patches ♦ slimming pills ♦ slimming teas ♦ dieters tea
  • caffeine-free diet pills ♦ ephedra-free diet pills ♦ pre-workout diet pills
  • bodybuilding supplements ♦ sports nutrition supplements ♦ legal steroids
  • weight loss programs ♦ diet plans

...and the list goes on and on!

Which Product Is Right For Me?

Choosing the right product largely depends on some factors some of which are:

  • your gender
  • your energy levels
  • how active you are
  • whether your carb intake is high
  • whether or not you're a pill popper
  • whether you can take caffeine or not
  • your eating habits - are you an evening snacker?

Combating the factors that largely contribute to obesity and being overweight can be problematic in many cases. It is against this background that we have chosen products that have been formulated by adopting a multi-faceted approach with regard to tackling weight management. These are products designed to address the three (3) arch-enemies of weight loss:

  • sluggish metabolism
  • monstrous cravings
  • new fat formation

This ensures the optimal achievement of results, as a single aspect in itself is inadequate to significantly yield the desired outcome. In our reviews on the best fat burner for women and men as well as top legal steroids, you may therefore find an item categorized as a fat burner and yet, has other aspects to it such as appetite suppressing or metabolism boosting capabilities and so on and so forth. To serve as a guide, the active ingredients, their properties and functions have been specified in each section of the product review article. Now let's get down to the nitty-gritty of meeting your fitness goals.

Step 1 : Weight Loss And Bodybuilding : Product Research

fitness lady and man - product research

Seeking high quality products should always be your priority in your quest to seek the product that meets your needs. With regard to the item brand, this is the part where you have to glean information on:

  • Product Type - What category they fall under and the purposes they serve.
  • Ingredients - What the active ingredients are, are they natural, top quality components? What are the properties and and how do they function?
  • Product Efficacy - How effective is it and does it deliver? Any medical backing available?
  • Pros and Cons - With all products, there are two sides to each. The pros should far outweigh the cons for it to be popular among users.
  • Product Safety and Side Effects - Ensure they do not contain any dangerous or toxic compounds that may cause unfavorable effects on users.
  • Speed of Results - In this day and age of high tech, who needs a slowcoach? We don't have all day!
  • Overall Rating / Customer Feedback - Testimonials, reviews  and real success stories spell it all out. The proof of the pudding is in the eating... this is indisputable!
  • Money Back Guarantee - Customer satisfaction should be a priority and money back guarantee offers a kind of protection for customers.
  • Manufacturer / Company Reputation - Dealing with reputable companies is the only way to go, it is as simple as that.

Don't be overwhelmed by this, we've already done all the legwork for you. What you need to do is to just scroll up to our product slides section, click the items to check out our reviews on the best fat burners for women and men, top legal steroids and a brief video on The 15-Day Diet Plan. You can then make an informed choice and start your fitness journey with ease. The ball is right there in your court, just kick it, bearing in mind that...

"A healthy attitude is contagious but don't wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier." ~ Tom Stoppard

Step 2 : Develop A Workout Routine

fitness women on treadmillYes, it's workout time. It's worth noting that physical exercise can be enjoyable and a no-brainer if you have the right mindset. As a fitness lady or man, you need to explore and develop an ideal workout routine, psyche yourself up and just go for it. You're bound to make great headway if you stick to your chosen regimen.

"My favorite exercise is a cross between a LUNGE and a CRUNCH... I call it LUNCH"

Tip : An exercise buddy ain't such a bad idea. You may want to check out our Fitness & Exercise page, which has a wealth of information on some awesome techniques and guidelines.

Step 3 : Healthy Balanced Diet

healthy balanced dietLet's admit it, this healthy dish you're eyeing right here look pretty palatable, does it not? I could use a helping myself. As the saying goes...

"What you eat in private, is what you wear in public"

Having a healthy balanced diet is key, if you want to learn how to lose weight fast with long-term benefits. It is all about arming yourself with nutrition basics and applying them in a manner that works for you... and who said healthy food choices can't be tasty? With a reasonable amount of culinary skills, you're on your way to enjoying scrumptious healthy meals.

Eating more healthily couldn't be made any simpler. For starters, you may want to check out some quick and easy-to-follow tips on our Nutrition Guidelines page to learn more. We've got you covered, your daily water intake will be right there too, waiting for a massive gulp!

Watch Video : The 15-Day Diet Plan on our Testimonials page.

Bonus Step : Fitness Program - Self-Discipline, Commitment & Determination

fitness ladyOnce again, let's keep it real. Whatever your fitness program may be, it is intuitively obvious that self-discipline, commitment and determination collectively play a massive role in helping you achieve optimum results.

Self-discipline in this context actually involves having some control over your cravings and impulses while staying focused on the actions needed to facilitate reaching your set goals.

"Fitness is like Marriage. You can't cheat on it and expect it to work." ~ Bonnie Pfiester

Do I sense guilt here, anyone?

"Commitment is doing the thing you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it in has left you." ~ Unknown

"You can find inspiration from others but determination is solely your responsibility." ~ Dodinsky

Yes indeed, we're all human and there may be temptations every now and again... but just cast your mind back to the incident that occurred in the Garden of Eden : Eve's bite from the apple of knowledge was a debt women are bound to pay for eternity. Simply put, continuously yielding to temptations will only result in you being caught in a vicious cycle with no escape route.

Healthy Lifestyle Changes Really Work, Bravo!

Who said you can't get your weight under control? With the best fat burner for women and men plus the top legal steroids, you're off to a good start.  Effective diet pills work together with some healthy lifestyle changes in order for you to hit your target and reach your full potential. Combine the aforementioned steps and you're there... and about your body mass index (BMI), this is the part where you can walk majestically and confidently jump onto the weighing scale, knowing you made it!



evotea teatox - dieters tea

Can we all gather here now and enjoy a cuppa? It's tea time!... and not just any tea but the dieters tea. Yes, there are some individuals who are simply not into popping pills and would love to have some super weight loss tea. Well, we've got you covered and have dedicated this section to you and others who may also be interested in our recommendation on this awesome slim tea detox.

What Is EvoTea Teatox? : Dieters Tea - Herbal Slimming Tea

EvoTea Teatox Herbal Weight Loss Tea is a 100% natural dieters tea infusion, formulated to be used in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle. A delicious green tea and peppermint tea flavour infusion, refreshing and irresistible to many who are on a fitness program and serious about meeting their set goals. It is great to have as a morning drink to help boost your energy levels... infuse for just 3 minutes and you're ready to enjoy some sips.

EvoTea Teatox Ingredients

Now, we're talking about a herbal slimming tea that is formulated by using a potent blend of the under-listed natural ingredients:

  • Green Tea - Leaves
  • Dandelion  - Herb
  • Biotin - D-Biotin
  • Camellia Sinensis
  • Equisetum sp., Horsetail - Herb
  • Taraxacum Officinale
  • Mentha X Piperita
  • Peppermint - Leaves
  • Vitamin B6 - Pyridoxal Chloride
  • Caffeine
  • Lactose
  • Preservative Free

The retailers are reputable, believe in high standards and deal in supplements that are manufactured in the United Kingdom by using the finest top quality herbal ingredients.

What Are The Benefits?

Evotea is a super slimming tea that is designed to help you in various ways and has the following properties:

  •  facilitates fat loss
  • boosts weight loss results
  • boosts energy
  • promotes a healthier body
  • makes you feel brighter
  • contributes to a normal macro-nutrient metabolism
  • a tried and tested formula
  • formula may be consumed as a hot or on the rocks, your choice!

Extra Benefits

  • Telephone, Email and Live Chat Support
  • FREE downloadable Diet Plan at no extra cost
  • Free UK delivery

As one of the bestsellers and customer favorites, this slimming tea does have great feedback with a 4.5 out of 5 rating. Click the image below for some real customer reviews and testimonials.

Who Is Suitable For?

This slim tea detox is a natural slimming tea with no preservatives whatsoever.  Check these out:

  • EvoTea Teatox is suitable for vegetarians
  • suitable for both men and women
  • if you are not a big fan of popping pills, this is your best slimming tea
  • not recommended for pregnant women or nursing mothers
  • not recommended for lactose intolerant individuals
  • It does contain caffeine

As a general rule, it is always advisable to consult your health professional prior to taking supplements.

Where Can I Buy EvoTea?

Click the image below to visit the official product site and buy this dieters tea now!

evotea teatox slimming tea

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not just the absence of disease or infirmity.” ~ WHO, 1948

Take charge, act now and be a Weight Loss Master in our own right, in this very Zone. Enjoy your fitness journey!


Caution!: You are visiting a Fat-Burning Zone. Some of the elements on this blog may still be scorching hot at the time of entry. Visitors are advised to take the necessary precautions when handling these elements.

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