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Human Anatomy Deciphered!

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Anatomy Corner provides you with information snippets on a blend of general health matters and some intriguing facts about the human anatomy. Why don’t you take a break to discover more stuff about yourself that will blow your wig and knock your tight socks off.

The Big Question now is : How well do you know you? These are really great facts that are quite interesting to know and worth sharing. Let’s get started now…


[1] Man, The Two-Legged Britannica

The human brain cell can retain 5 times as much information as the Encyclopedia Britannica, i.e., between 1 and 7 terabytes of data.

If you thought your hard soft disk could ever get full, I beg to differ.

human brain

[2] ‘Mensaic’ Dreams

Scientists have suggested that in most scenarios, the higher your intelligent quotient (IQ), the more dreams you have.

Does daydreaming count? Watch out Mensa International…cos we’re all about to bust your gates to seek membership, then.

[3] The Colour Of Dreamland

While the vast majority of people dream in colour, there is a small minority (about 12%) who dream only in black and white.

In this modern day of high tech, one would expect the Retina HD Display version of dreams to be out by now (not so with nightmares, though)….does anyone know when this is going to be released?

[4] The Cornea, A Shrewd Business Layer

Unlike other body cells, cells of the cornea (the outermost layer of the eye) lack blood supply and therefore do not rely on this for oxygen as they get it directly through the air. Oxygen initially dissolves in tears and subsequently diffuses throughout the cornea to keep it healthy.

It must be more cost-effective obtaining oxygen directly from the original source, how cool is that especially in the current global economic climate.


[5] Gunk Collector

Plica Semilunaris is the vestigial remnant of the nictitating membrane aka the ‘third eyelid’ found in the corner of the eye and present in birds, reptiles and fish. Whilst in animals it can be drawn horizontally across the eye to protect and clean it, it appears to only create gunk (‘sleep’) in humans.

A third eyelid… who wants that? That would have been another make-up and botox headache for those who would  want to enhance the look of this membrane.

[6] Pupils Love to Hate

The pupils are known to dilate when one beholds someone they love and also tend to dilate when one sees someone they hate.

Ah, no wonder there is a fine line between love and hate! Let’s be clear on this now… stalker, let’s establish your motive.

[7] Slumberly Deprived

One could go without sleep for a maximum of 11 whole days. Any time more than this could result in radical personality and psychological changes…could potentially knock your lights out for good!

Question is: ‘Is there another light at the end of the tunnel?’

[8] Aquatic Deprivation

One can survive without food for weeks but when it comes to this powerful free drink called ‘water’, aka aqua or H2O, you simply don’t joke around with it. The longest one can go without water is for 10 days, after which time you’ll check out as a result of extreme dehydration.

Let’s go take a gulp.

[9] Sinuses Exposed!

The role of the sinuses (the mucus and air-filled tubes located in the head) are unknown to scientists, though some possible functions have been suggested.

So upon all the inflammation and headaches you cause mankind it turns out you don’t even have a ‘legal standing’ in the body, if not questionable.

[10] Kind-Hearted Lung

The left lung is smaller than the right lung and has a notch to accommodate the shape of the heart. The heart, though fairly centralized, is slightly positioned on the left and flanked by the lungs. The latter may serve as a layer of soft, shock absorbent protection for the heart.

Even our internal organs know what we call team spirit and peaceful co-existence. Couples, business partners, colleagues, flat mates, and neighbours, wouldn’t it be cool to take our cue from these vital organs?

human internal organs

[11] Winding And Endless Entrails

The small intestines measure 22ft on average and has an absorption surface area of about 250 square metres (approx 2,700 square feet), the size of a tennis court.

Wimbledon participants, did you hear that?…your venue lies within you.

[12] Free Gastric Revamp

The stomach lining regenerates itself every three to four days otherwise the gastric acid that acts on food would, in turn, digest the stomach. Hydrochloric acid (HCL), one of the constituents of gastric acid, is said to be potent enough to dissolve a razor blade.

Kudos is due you, mother nature.

[13] Touchy Trigger Finger

The index finger is the most sensitive finger on the human hand as it has the most nerve endings.

Oh, it now makes sense why upset people warn or make admonitory gestures with their index finger…..unlike the other fingers it is quick to take offence, rather touchy….please don’t trigger the trigger finger.

index finger


[14] Territorial Skin Flora

Several millions of bacteria call every inch of your skin home. Resident microbes can cause skin diseases, enter the blood stream and cause life-threatening diseases for immuno-suppressed individuals. However they are normally non-pathogenic and either harmless or beneficial to the host. Benefits include the prevention of colonization of the skin surface by pathogenic organisms. This, they do by stimulating the skin’s immune system, competing for nutrients, or secreting chemicals against them.

If you thought Gaza Strip, colonization, weapons of mass destruction and chemical warfare only existed and occurred beyond the body, take a moment and think again.

human skin photo


[15] Emotional Numbering Muscles

One engages about 17 muscles for a smile and 43 for a frown.

Not quite sure about that for a poker face, attempts to contact Lady Gaga to obtain the actual figure proved futile.

[16] Double Fetal Immunity

A fetus acquires fingerprints at the age of 3 months.

With regard to the ‘prenatal legal system’, is there an alternative means of identification?…does this mean the embryo / fetus is free to act with impunity in the first trimester? That’s not fair, given that they also acquire passive immunity in the third trimester.

fetus photo

[17] Infantile Eve Traits

A baby is born without a kneecap (patella) but with a cartilaginous growth which later transforms into a conventional kneecap by the ages of 3 years in females and 5 years in males.

Even at such a tender age, Eve is at work in females… grabs the forbidden fruit before Adam could say Jack Robinson… and now a kneecap, a mature/ripe one for that matter.

[18] Overspeeding Ruthless Sneeze

A sneeze zooms out of your nose or mouth at over a 100m/hr, suppression is therefore not advisable as it can cause damage to the body. A cough leaves the body at a lesser speed of 60m/hr, though.

You may want to squat when you spot any one of these approaching…..you can never predict their contents, you know.

[19] Time Dilation

The sense or perception of time is said to be subjective : time seems to fly when we’re having fun but it forever drags on when we’re involved in something rather monotonous or unpleasant.

‘When a man sits with a pretty lady for an hour, it seams like a minute. But let him sit on a hot stove for a minute and it’s longer than one hour.’ ~ Albert Einstein

Pretty lady? wow… fuzzy hair, distracted lifestyle? Contrary to your perception of him, this genius knew aesthetics when he saw one.

[20] Human Tail Curtailed

One of the redundant human parts is the coccyx. This is the remains of the human tail, i.e., the last 5 vertebrae of our backs which are typically fused together.

Imagine what the scenario would have been in bank or supermarket queues, had we all possessed tails. Absolute chaos! I reckon they would have come in varying lengths, with those having longer tails wagging and flaunting them a moment longer than necessary. What a relief!



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