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Ace Diet Pills – Capsiplex Review

What Is An Appetite Suppressant?

An appetite suppressant is a dietary supplement that works to reduce appetite and food consumption, thereby facilitating the weight loss process.

There are several active ingredients (e.g., Capsicum Extract, Seaweed Extract, Cactus) used in appetite suppressants but generally, they work by stimulating hunger ‘sensors’ in the stomach wall. These sensors then transmit a signal to the brain informing it that the stomach is full which results in a feeling of satiation and consequently, less food consumption.

What Is Capsiplex? – Strongest Appetite Suppressant & Ace Diet Pills

Capsiplex is a clinically-proven, celebrity-endorsed strong appetite suppressant and ace diet pill. Based on over 30 years studies on human and animal subjects, the powerhouse of the formula (Capsicum Extract) has been proven to be safe and effective for weight management.

Active Ingredients

The ace diet pills and our strongest appetite suppressant, Capsiplex, uses a proprietary blend of ingredients, namely:

  • Capsicum Extract – an ingredient derived from hot peppers which helps suppress appetite. It may boost metabolism and calorie usage and help reduce body mass.
  • Niacin (Vitamin B3) – a vitamin ingredient which facilitates the release of energy from carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Studies have shown its ability to lower fat levels in the bloodstream.
  • Piperine – an ingredient derived from black pepper which increases nutrient absorption by inhibiting enzymes that metabolize and use nutritional substances.
  • Caffeine – an ingredient that helps the breakdown of fats, boost energy, alertness and focus.


How Does Capsiplex Work?

This unique formula is designed to support fat-burning as well as help:

  • appetite control
  • increase metabolism
  • reduce body mass
  • reduce body fat
  • increase the conversion of calories into heat rather than fat

Studies conducted on its components have, in fact, shown the following:

  • its antioxidant effects
  • its ability to reduce fat accumulation in the liver
  • its ability to lower blood cholesterol levels
  • its ability to lower blood triglycerides
  • its ability to lower glucose
  • it improves exercise endurance and performance

It is said to boost your metabolism before, during and after exercise, helping you burn up to 278 more calories cumulatively.

Capsiplex has a beadlet design where the tablet contents are released at the right spot for optimum effectiveness and to prevent any oral or gastric irritation. This delivery technology is illustrated in Tablet Cap-1 below:

capsiplex beadlet design

Tablet Cap-1 : Capsiplex Beadlet Design
The patented system used in the production of this formula ensures that the product is adequately concentrated and yet causes no irritation to consumers.

Research / Clinical Studies

According to official claims, Capsiplex is backed by 30+ years of medical studies and human trials.

Average Weight Loss

The graphs below shows the average weight loss with this appetite control pills.


capsiplex average weight loss


capsiplex testimonial photo


Media Coverage

Capsiplex has been featured in various publications including:

  • Daily Mail
  • Daily Express
  • The Sun
  • Now
  • Daily Star


What More Does Capsiplex Offer?

You can be assured of some extras with this appetite control supplement including:

  • package deals
  • 24-hr worldwide order line
  • worldwide shipping
  • VIP code
  • 60-day money back guarantee


Where Can I Buy Capsiplex – Appetite Suppressant Over The Counter?

You can buy our strongest appetite suppressant and ace diet pills from the official website, the image link of which is given below:

buy capsiplex

√ Clinically Proven – Appetite Suppressant Over The Counter (OTC)
√ Ace Diet Pills
√ Strongest Appetite Suppressant / Appetite Control Pills
√ Organic Ingredients
√ Burns Up To 278 More Calories
√ Natural Appetite Suppressant Pills
√ Boosts Metabolism
√ Package Deals
√ Celebrity Endorsement
√ VIP Code
√ 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
√ 24-Hour Worldwide Order Line
√ Worldwide Shipping


Potential Side Effects

A small percentage of individuals have reported experiencing the feeling of hot flushes after using this product. Chili Extract, an active ingredient used in this 100% natural appetite suppressant pill, increases the body temperature to burn fat, hence this effect.


This product is recommended for adults looking to lose weight especially:

  • over eaters
  • indulgers
  • auto eaters
  • plate fillers
  • individual looking for an appetite suppressant over the counter

It is not suitable for:

  • vegetarians and vegans as the capsule gel contains gelatin
  • breastfeeding mothers

Pregnant women and people with heart condition should consult their GP before taking any supplements.

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