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Proactol XS Review – Fat Binder & Best Diet Pills

What Is A Fat Binder?

A fat binder is a natural weight loss product, the principal function of which is to prevent the body’s absorption of a significant amount of dietary fat. Its active components are described as being lipophilic, i.e., having the tendency to combine with fat molecules to achieve this effect.

A fat binder works within the digestive system where the non-soluble fibres of the pill, due to their affinity for lipids, attach or bind themselves to the dietary fats as they interact. There is then the immediate formation of a liquid gel around the fat rendering the fat complex unabsorbable due to its large size. This is subsequently eliminated by the body via the normal bowel movement.

What Is Proactol XS? – Fat Binder & Best Diet Pills

Proactol XS is a clinically-proven fat binding diet pill, designed to treat the obesity levels as well as manage cholesterol levels. It is a potent, safe and effective formula which may also help suppress appetite, facilitating the entire weight loss process.

It is a natural medically certified weight loss device with a non-allergenic high purity ingredient, the efficacy of which is said to surpass all other fat binders.

Active Ingredient

The main ingredient of Proactol XS is plant-derived Chitosan, (a cationic biopolymer from the Aspergillus Niger Mycellium) a source of natural fibres.

  • It does not contain any raw materials from animal origin.
  • No preservatives
  • No gluten
  • No lactose
  • No milk protein
  • No cholesterol


How Does Proactol XS Work?

The tablet below gives an illustration of Proactol XS in action when taken before meals, just as described in the preceding section.

proactol xs in Action

Tablet P-XS-1 : Proactol XS In Action

As indicated at stage 4 in the illustration above, the stomach finds this viscous solution harder to digest. It therefore stays in the stomach beyond the normal length of time a meal without Proactol XS would, helping to reduce food cravings considerably.

This entire process eventually:

  • renders a large amount of fat intake indigestible
  • reduces the absorption of dietary cholesterol

It is worth noting that the process illustrated above does not bind carbohydrates or sugars.

Medical Certification / Clinical Studies

Proactol XS is said to be medically backed, registered by the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC and can this day, boast of over 40 clinical studies. The active ingredient is also Kosher and Halal certified.

How Effective Is Proactol XS ?

It has been clinically tested and proven to:

  • bind up to 800 times its own weight in fat
  • lower fat intake from food
  • lower cholesterol levels
  • suppress appetite

It is said to have a competitive edge over other fat binders based on several clinical studies. Tablet P-XS-2 below gives a clear illustration of this unbeatable fat binder.

proactol-xs in-vitro

Tablet P-XS-2 : Proactol XS, The Unbeatable Fat Binder

Average Weight Loss

One is expected to lose an average of 3 – 4lbs in 10 days with this product. It is advised that the use of Proactol X-S is combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise for those hoping to achieve long-term goals.

What More Does Proactol XS Offer?

Being the best fat binder and a top diet pill, you can be assured of some extras with Proactol XS, viz:

  • package deals
  • challenges – geared towards meeting weight loss goals/targets
  • standard / personalized diet plan
  • membership log-in
  • online progress tracking
  • 1-to-1 Mentorship Programme
  • 60-day money back guarantee


Where Can I buy Proactol XS?

You can buy this product from the Bauer Nutrition website, the current marketers and official site of the best fat binder. Click the image below to learn more.

buy proactol xs

√ Best Fat Binder & Diet Pills
√ Clinically-Proven Formula
√ Medically Backed
√ Organic Ingredients
√ Suppresses Appetite
√ Diet Plans
√ 1-to-1 Mentorship
√ Package Deals
√ 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
√ Online Progress Tracking
√ Membership Log-in
√ Challenges


Potential Side Effects

Several independent clinical trials have been conducted regarding its safety. According to analysis, no significant negative side effects of product use were detected. According to official claims, Proactol XS is a non-allergenic and safe medical device for weight loss.


It is suitable for adults who are:

  • seeking a natural way to lose and maintain a healthy weight
  • concerned about their dietary fat intake
  • concerned about the effects of excess fat consumption on health
  • vegetarians and vegans

Try out one of the best diet pills today by clicking the image link above.

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